About Health & Safety

Improving workplace Health & Safety standards provides a financial benefit to many businesses’ bottom lines.

Below are just some of the key benefits that BOH&S can provide for your business through proactive and appropriate Health and Safety management...

Improved productivity for your business

Improved health and safety standards can lead to better productivity and increased motivation if employees are able to carry out their work with less difficulty and danger. Good levels of health and safety standards within the workplace will help maximise the amount of up time your business enjoys.

Reduced costs of absenteeism

Improving health and safety standards in the workplace reduces the likelihood that people will need sick leave in the first place, and bringing them back to work quicker means less disruption in the long run.

Reduced replacement staff costs

Replacement staff, whether due to accident or illness, are only likely to be in the position temporarily, so they may not have the same level of commitment as your regular staff do. There will also be a learning curve while staff take time to ‘learn the ropes’. Avoiding the need for recruiting replacement staff means you will save money, benefiting your business financially.

Safeguarding your company’s reputation

If your company comes into disrepute for any reason, including avoidable injury or accidents in the work environment, or continued employee ill health, it can cost you more than merely replacing that member of staff. Negative brand association is very hard to reverse. By implementing a simple and effective health and safety programme you can prevent damage to your business’ reputation

Reduced insurance premiums

Saving on the cost of employee accidents and ill health is an investment in the future of your business. Poor health and safety procedures could mean increased insurance premiums or difficulty in obtaining future insurance cover. If insurance companies see that a good standard of health and safety in the workplace is being maintained, they will be less exposed to claims on that insurance policy. This will, in turn, lead to lower insurance premiums.

Reduced impact of non-insurable costs

Company Insurance policies only cover a proportion of the costs of accidents. Costs that are not covered by insurance may include sick pay and overtime, production downtime due to repairs to damaged plant and equipment, loss of contracts, legal costs and any fines imposed by the courts. You can protect your business against the uninsured costs of accidents by having good standards of health and safety in the workplace.

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