ISO 9001 Management Systems

Allied to safety management systems are quality management systems. In many organisations they are often inter-linked. Here, based on extensive practical experience in this area, BOH&S Safety Solutions can offer clients solutions in implementing and maintaining Management Systems to the ISO 9001 2000 standard.

  • Advice on Preparing for ISO 9001 2000 Certification
  • Management System Implementation/Upgrade
  • Identifying opportunities for Continuous Improvement
  • Ongoing support after certification, including regular audit of your management system

At BOH&S Safety Solutions we believe that a management system should reflect the 'way things are done around here' and not be a bureaucratic burden on the operation of a company.

Some of the benefits of an effective management system are summarised in the table below:

Improves  Improves
Management efficiency planning Product and service quality
Problem Solving Customer Satisfaction
Supplier control communications Additional work opportunities
Ability to control change Company image
Staff morale  
Reduces Reduces
Duplication of effort Customer complaints
Re-work Claims against company
Operating Costs  
Staff turnover  

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